Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

Part # Wb1001/Cc1001
Product Name: Janitol plus
Applicatons And Use:
Janitol plus is blend of anionic and nonionic surfactants and sequestering agents, water soluble alkaline multipurpose heavy duty degreaser for industrial cleaning and oilfield rig washing applications.
Packing: 25l, 200l

Part # Wb1002
Product Name: Chemara wb51
Applicatons And Use:
Chemara-wb51 is water based heavy duty degreaser, blend of surfactants and non caustic alkaline detergents, and de rusters specifically formulated to melt away oily deposits from hard surfaces, rigs and oilfield equipment.
Packing: 25l, 200l

Part # Wb1003
Product Name: Chemara slick
Applicatons And Use:
Chemara slick is formulation of alkaline detergents and water soluble solvents to remove the grease, paraffin, light oils and heavy oils. Used for cleaning of rig wash and equipment cleaning applications in the oil fields.
Packing: 25l, 200l

Part # Wb1004
Product Name: Chemara-ac1100
Applicatons And Use:
Chemara-ac1100 is inhibited hydrochloric acid, used for scale removing applications.
Packing: 1000l , ibc

Part # Wb1005
Product Name: Chemara-ac1101
Applicatons And Use:
Chemara-ac1101 is sulfamic acid-powder chemical, used for descaling applications in various industries and power generation plants.
Packing: 25 kg

Part # Wb1006
Product Name: Chemara-albrite
Applicatons And Use:
Chemara-albrite is blend of inorganic acid and surfactants, specially designed for cleaning of aluminum metal surfaces.
Packing: 25l ,200l

Part # Wb-1007
Product Name: Chemara-alklin
Applicatons And Use:
Chemara-alklin is a heavy duty
Alkaline degreaser  developed to meet the heavy duty degreasing applications, for removal of grease, oil, dirt and phosphate etc. Can be used as a spray cleaning or dip tank applications for the removal of heavy grease and oils.
Packing: 25 l, 200l

Part # Wb- 1008
Product Name: Chemara-tankleen
Applicatons And Use:
Chemara-tankleen is a water soluble low foam degreaser used for degreasing and cleaning of a wide variety of surfaces and equipment.It is ideally suited for degreasing and cleaning of  iso cargo tanks.
Packing:25l, 200l

Part # Wb- 1009
Product Name: Chemara-alkaline cleaner
Applicatons And Use:
Chemara-alkaline cleaner is a water soluble low foam degreaser used for degreasing and cleaning of engines, rigs, "off road" equipment, marine tanks, concrete floors and wall tires.
Packing: 25l, 200l